Terms of service

The following terms and conditions apply to any agreement signed between christel man and the client.

1. Booking fees

1. 1 All booking fees are to be agreed upon christel man beforehand. All fees are excluding 21% VAT.

1.2 Travel time will be paid out to a maximum of 8 hours per day at 50% of the hourly rate. Pre-production meetings are paid out only in case this is agreed in writing in advance.

2. Options 

Every option christel man is without obligation. Options need to be confirmed by the client,  confirmed bookings take precedence over options. The agreement with the contractor is formed only after written confirmation of the assignment by christel man.

2. Daily and hourly rates 

Photography: 1 day = 8 hours 0,5 day = 4 hours 

Film: 1 day = 10 hours 0,5 day = 5 hours

3. Overtime

Overtime is charged as follows:

Overtime between 08:00 and 24:00hrs is charged at 1/8 of the daily rate, per hour. Overtime between 24:00 and 08:00hrs is charged at 1/4 of the daily rate, per hour.

4. Travel expenses

No fee will be charged for bookings in Amsterdam except parking costs. For all other locations, an additional fee of € 0,19 will be charged per kilometer outside Amsterdam.

5. Cancellation fees

If cancelled within 24 hrs of shooting date, charge of 100% of total fee. If cancelled within 48 hrs of shooting date, charge of 50% of total fee. If cancelled or postponed within 96 hrs of shooting date, charge of 25% of total fee.

100% of costs that are already made at the time of the cancellation and with costs that at that time can no longer be cancelled.

6. Weather related cancellations

Bookings that require favorable weather conditions need to be clearly indicated as such by the client beforehand. Only in that case, the client is allowed to cancel free of charge when weather conditions do not meet expectations.

7. Payments

7.1. Payments are due within 30 days after the invoice date. The invoice amount is to be paid to the bank account of christel man including the invoice reference.

7.2. Any additional expenses made by christel man in order to prove the client's failure of honoring agreed booking conditions are charged to the client. This only applied to proven cases.

7.3. If the client does not submit a written and motivated complaint within 7 days of the invoice date, he is deemed to fully agree with the contents of the invoice received. Otherwise the client is not entitled to suspend his obligations on the basis of any complaints.

7.4. The client remains responsible for the payment of the invoice at all times.

8. Liability

christel man is not liable for damage which may have occurred if christel man has not or not satisfactorily fulfilled any agreement. The client is liable for all damage that may result from a (booking)agreement.

9. Dispute settlement

All disputes resulting from present agreement are assessed under Dutch law and must be brought to the competent court in Amsterdam.

christel man is registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce KVK 53400305



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